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Kuhn Copper Mesh Mask and Inserts

Protects against Colds, Flu, Allergens, Red Tide*

99.95% Copper Mesh

Purifies and Filters air

Kills Germs

Highly Breathable

If properly stored, can last two years




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Learn more about our Kuhn All Copper Masks (KCM) and Kuhn all Copper Inserts (CMI)

Kuhn Copper Solutions

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Learn more about our Kuhn All Copper Masks (KCM) and Kuhn all Copper Inserts (CMI)

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Learn more about our Kuhn All Copper Masks (KCM) and Kuhn all Copper Inserts (CMI)

Kuhn Copper Solutions

User Comments

I developed a cold stuffy nose and pharyngitis. We were just getting ready to leave Florida for Ft Worth Texas. I wore the mask in the airport and on the plane, and again to the car. I was not on antibiotics. The cold resolved shortly thereafter. Something helped me. I presumed it was the copper

Sally H. ~ Kansas City, KS

I woke up around 6:30 this morning, blowing my nose and sneezing nonstop. My eyes were itching and watering. At 7:15 AM, I put the mask on. I am now breathing through my nose, my glasses are NOT fogging up, and my head congestion is clearing. In less than 15 minutes, I had relief

Dawn G. ~ Erie, PA

A co-worker was out sick with a double ear infection and strep throat and I had been working near her. A few days later, I felt dizzy, my ears hurt and I had a sore throat. I put my copper mask on for 3 hours that evening before bed. When I woke up, the soreness in my throat was gone and I had no dizziness. I was able to go to work and had energy all day long. The copper mask is amazing!

Sue S. ~ Southport, CT

Regarding the mask, for those with allergies who do not want to be dependent on over-the-counter meds, it’s very helpful… I wear it when I cut the grass, so that’s twice a week. It seemed to work right away.

Liz W. ~ Erie, PA

Since the weather has been changing so frequently, my allergies were not making it easy to breathe. I’ve been using the mask insert for a few hours now and its nice to have clear sinuses again. I’ve never had a physical barrier, such as a face mask, be so effective in helping my breathing. I definitely recommend the mask insert to anyone with allergies of any level.

Mark M. ~ Erie, PA

As a housekeeper with severe allergies to cats and dust, I decided to try out the copper mask while working, and it worked great. I noticed my allergy symptoms (itchy throat, watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing) subsided after about 15 minutes

Ashley S. ~ Redington Shores, FL

Kuhn Copper Solutions

Our Team

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President and founder of Kuhn Copper Solutions  

Steam Sterilization Cycle Development Consultant

Cardiothoracic consultant Atricure

Consultant: Business, Global Marketing and Sales

Attorney at Law, Registered Patent Attorney

Photograph of Phyllis Kuhn

“The Kuhn all Copper Mask (KCM) and Kuhn all Copper Insert (CMI) is made of pure copper mesh that sanitizes and filters the air you breathe.”

Phyllis J. Kuhn

President / Founder