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The Kuhn Copper Mesh Mask Rating 5 Stars


“Woke up Saturday morning with a scratchy throat and realized I felt just plain lousy. My bones ached; I had a blistering headache and discovered I had a fever. Spent the day on the sofa under a blanket since I also had the chills. Sunday morning was no better since I still had the fever and felt just awful. I had in my possession, a copper mask that was given to me by a friend to try. Its intended use was to ward off bacteria and germs, etc. At that point, with nothing to lose, I put the mask on for 2 hours early on Sunday afternoon, then again later in the evening.  By nightfall, I noticed the headache was gone so I took my temperature again and it was back to normal. I noticed that I was feeling somewhat better. But the best part was losing the fever and all that came with it. Just to be on the safe side, I used the Mask again for 2 hours on Monday afternoon. I was feeling a bit tired from the whole ordeal but by Tuesday that flu said good-bye to me until it returns and hopefully not for a long time. I am now left with just some bronchitis since I do have COPD. I must give credit to the mask since I have never recovered from influenza so quickly and without any medications whatsoever. By the way, I used the mask while on a recent plane trip to NYC and did NOT catch any colds going around that plane. Bingo. My new best friend! Thank you, Mask!”

Dorothy J R. ~ Reddington Shores, FL

My grandson’s cousin had a full blown cold and my 10-year-old grandson was exposed. He caught the cold and developed a cough and sore throat. He laid on the sofa and kept the mask on for one hour and a couple more times for about an hour each time the same day. He wore it once the next day for about 1 hour. The cough and sore throat resolved and he did not come down with a cold. I am a believer!

Mary C. ~ Girard, PA

I developed a cold stuffy nose and pharyngitis. We were just getting ready to leave Florida for Ft Worth Texas.  I wore the mask in the airport and on the plane, and again to the car.  I was not on antibiotics. The cold resolved shortly thereafter.  Something helped me.  I presumed it was the copper

Sally H. ~ Kansas City, KS

I didn’t have a full blown cold, but my throat was sore and I had a headache on and off all week. By the end of the week, I felt completely drained and like I was on the verge of getting really sick. It didn’t help that the weather was cold and wet all week, making my already bad commute worst. All I wanted to do was sleep but I had to go to work. On Saturday afternoon, I was shopping at a bookstore and suddenly felt weak and light-headed. I get this light headed feeling every time before I get really sick so I knew what was coming next. I went straight home and put on my mask for 2 hours and rested. The next morning, I put my mask on again for 2 hours. Shortly later, my throat and head pain disappeared. It was truly amazing. What I liked best is that I didn’t have to take any pills. I have stomach ulcers and try to not take medications if I can avoid it. I work in a public school system at the front desk so its unavoidable for me to come into contact with germs, but I love my job and do whatever I can to avoid getting sick. Going forward, I’m going to use my mask anytime I start to feel unwell and also in tight, crowded spaces like an airplane.

Sue S. ~ Southport, CT

Just wanted to share my experience and appreciation for your Well Mask.

Another couple and my husband and I were all on a cruise. I had purchased some of the Well Masks for the trip. I started coming down with a cold within two days of starting the cruise. I remembered your instructions, to begin using the mask at the first sign of a cold, and immediately found the mask. I wore the Well mask for about 3 hours the first day. I wore it the following day, as well. The cold resolved within two or three days, instead of the usual 2 weeks. My friend was also developing a cold and I gave her the mini mask. Her cold resolved very quickly, also. Her husband did develop a cold. He wore the mask, but I suspect, not as directed or consistently.

Thank you for saving my trip!

PS Being a Microbiologist this wonderful product makes perfect sense to me. Wish I would have thought of it. Thanks again!!

Rona E. ~ Lake Worth, FL

When I fly, I tend to get bronchitis about a day or two after I get off the flight. This happened several times, but twice in the last year 2017.  I usually wind up in the ED when this happens.  I was given a copper mesh mask by a friend to wear on my next flight.  I wore the mask, as well as a fiber mask because the loops of the copper mask were too loose.  I did not develop bronchitis Dec 2017 Next time I wore the mask, I had developed symptoms of a cold, with a runny nose, sore throat and fatigue.  I woke up with this and put the mask on.  I wore it most of the day and evening. The next day, I was fine. The third time I wore the mask, I was walking with a friend and I started to develop a very runny nose. I put the mask on shortly after this developed.  I wore the mask most of the evening.  This symptom resolved completely by the next day. I wore it one other time (Jan) when I developed a runny nose. This may have been due to dust. The runny nose stopped.

Susan M. ~ Kansas City, KS

I suffer from asthma, emphysema, and COPD. My favorite pastime is playing slot machines at a casino. Even when I used the paper masks, my chest would tighten up, I would cough and feel very uncomfortable when I got home and it would continue for 2 days. That certainly curtailed my fun times. Since I had not visited the casino for 6 months, I really wanted to go. But there was a huge difference this last trip. I used the copper mask the entire visit to the smoky casino. When I returned home, I had no coughing or tightness in my chest. Not that the mask will encourage me to gamble more often but at least I know that I will not suffer the consequences of the smoke-filled casino ever again.

Dorothy J R. ~ Redington Shores, FL

A co-worker was out sick with a double ear infection and strep throat and I had been working near her. A few days later, I felt dizzy, my ears hurt and I had a sore throat. I put my copper mask on for 3 hours that evening before bed. When I woke up, the soreness in my throat was gone and I had no dizziness. I was able to go to work and had energy all day long.  The copper mask is amazing!

Sue S. ~ Southport, CT


Regarding the mask, for those with allergies who do not want to be dependent on over-the-counter meds, it’s very helpful… I wear it when I cut the grass, so that’s twice a week. It seemed to work right away.

Liz W. ~ Erie, PA

Since the weather has been changing so frequently, my allergies were not making it easy to breathe. I’ve been using the mask insert for a few hours now and its nice to have clear sinuses again. I’ve never had a physical barrier, such as a face mask, be so effective in helping my breathing. I definitely recommend the mask insert to anyone with allergies of any level.

Mark M. ~ Erie, PA

I do quite a bit of brush hogging on my property. I felt that I was coming down with an allergy as my eyes were watering and my throat congested. I put the copper mask on and went back out. Symptoms had all but disappeared. I was able to complete the mowing without further incident. I am anxious to try it during the spring cutting season again to see if I get the same results.

Dave K. ~ Girard, PA

As a housekeeper with severe allergies to cats and dust, I decided to try out the copper mask while working, and it worked great. I noticed my allergy symptoms (itchy throat, watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing) subsided after about 15 minutes

Ashley S. ~ Redington Shores, FL

Allergies are bothering me. Itchy eyes, sneezing and blowing my nose. I’m wearing the small mask while at home watching TV. It really helps!

Dawn G. ~ Erie, PA

I am a health care professional and recently began wearing the mask for short periods of time each day in hopes of prevention of infections that I am frequently exposed to. The first night that I put it on was only to be a trial to see how tolerable it would be to wear. I wore it for approximately 20 minutes that first night not at all expecting to notice anything different.  Upon awakening the next morning, while getting ready for work ,I noticed a considerable decrease in my normal AM allergy symptoms. When I brought this up to my wife later in the day she stated that she herself had also noticed an obvious decrease in my symptoms, mainly blowing my nose, which she usually hears each morning through the bathroom door.  I have continued to use the mask once or twice a day for approximately 20 minutes each day  and have continued to notice a significant decrease in my allergy  symptoms. I have no way to know yet if the mask has decreased my personal risk of infections but I am certainly hoping that it will particularly with our new worries regarding the Corona Virus.

Thomas E., MD. ~ St. Peterburg, FL

I woke up around 6:30 this morning, blowing my nose and sneezing nonstop. My eyes were itching and watering. At 7:15 AM, I put the mask on. I am now breathing through my nose, my glasses are NOT fogging up, and my head congestion is clearing. In less than 15 minutes, I had relief

Dawn G. ~ Erie, PA

I walked the beach 6 miles today, with a small breeze in the air.  And as you know how bad my allergies are. I decided, to purposely not take me allergy meds.  Want to get true results from the mask.  After, my 6 mile trek back, I got home had head congestion, sinus drainage and lastly the cough.  I put the mask on from 1:00 to 3:00.  I noticed a significant since of relief from all the symptoms as mentioned above. It’s been really a blessing. Thank you. 

Olivia T. ~ Redington Shores, FL

I am a dentist in Seminole, FL.  Phyllis K. (PK)  as been my patient for several years.  Last year, she introduced me to Well Mask, a copper mesh mask with highly cidal (killing) properties that destroyed most types of virus on contact. I wanted a product that would fit comfortably under a conventional mask, yet was soft enough so that the nose piece (thin aluminum wire on the top of the conventional mask) could conform to my nose.  

I tried several designs.  She gave me a Copper Mesh Insert (CMI).  It fit easily into the conventional mask and was secured by a thin strip of adhesive on the back of a piece of mole skin .  I was able to press the conventional mask over my nose and stretch the bottom to cover my chin. 

Of note, the CMI was autoclaved with the mole skin attached  and came out sterilized; the moleskin even retained its adhesive properties!   PK advised me the copper self-disinfected within 15 min. Also, the entire Insert could be submerged in 70% isopropyl alcohol and then dried for rapid disinfection. 

She said the insert could be reused and that it would last two years with proper cleaning and storage.The CMI was perfect!   I suggested some dental meetings to present the product.  It would be ideal for adding an extra layer of protection when treating potentially infectious patients. It could also potentially protect patients from staff with respiratory infections.  I consider this product a win-win, as it affords protection for the providers, as well as the patients.

Dr W., DMD ~ Seminole, FL


I was walking my dog and as I approached Gulf Boulevard, I felt like someone stuffed cotton down my throat. After hacking and gagging a short while, I remembered I had a copper mesh mask with me.  I put it on and the irritation stopped immediately.  This is the second time this mask has “rescued” me.  I am happy I have it.   

PJ K. ~ Redington Shores,FL

I live directly on the Gulf of Mexico in Indian Shores, which is basically ground zero for the current algae bloom in Pinellas County.  I can only step outside for about 30 seconds before I begin coughing and sneezing. I have tried all manner of face coverings to no avail including an N95 mask.

Finally, I remembered my Kuhn Copper Insert which I have for use with COVID-19.  I placed an insert directly inside a cloth mask (not in the pocket) and, when outside, it reduced coughing, sneezing and respiratory irritation by at least 90%. I keep the copper mesh insert with me at all times. Otherwise, I would not be able to leave my house!  

Pam P.

Amanda and I were walking through the property, yesterday. Every wind gust, I would get that tickle in my throat from the red tide, which would lead to coughing. After wearing the copper insert I didn’t once get that tickle in my throat. There was some tarnishing from oils on my nose and heavy breathing, but not anything washing didn’t remove. The copper insert conformed to my nose then went down over my mouth, so the only skin contact was my nose which helped this not feel so confined.  

Thank you for this! Red tide will get worse before it gets better and I’m happy to have something to block the irritants in the air!

Lindsey P. ~ Clearwater, FL